Here are my Bucket List items in progress, as of January 2022!

  • Have a driving day (possibly Groupon, unless I want to drop some big bucks on this kind of thing)
  • See the Mona Lisa (COVID-, and more specifically OMICRON-dependent, but right now I’m thinking a Eurostar job, I quite fancy a little train jaunt to Paris)
  • Grow a vegetable and eat it
  • Watch the sunrise on a beach
  • Watch the sunset on a beach
  • Fly business class
  • Ride a camel
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Watch all iMDb top 250 films (currently 226/250 – 24 to go! For the record, I use to keep track of my viewings – it’s free and very easy to use, plus they have a LOT of different lists to choose from if the iMDb isn’t your thing)

Let’s get going!

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