Hi there!

My name is Rosi and I am a thirty-something British woman living just outside of London. I’ve always had a love of travel and adventure, and started this website as a way to document my solo travels.

However, after 4 solid years of blogging about everything from Berlin to beauty challenges, we experienced a double whammy of COVID and climate change (and continue to do so, ahem), and blogging about solely travel seemed a little… difficult, to say the least.

Never one to let a global pandemic put a stop to putting my inane thoughts and plans out into the world, I decided to dedicate this website to my bucket list, a never-ending assortment of challenges, experiences and activities I’d like to accomplish throughout my life.

Join me as I tick off “flying business class”, “learning to ski”, “growing a vegetable and eating it”, and “riding a camel”, to name but a few! And, if there are any list items you think are missing, send me a message at rosi@rosi-roams.com – I’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy your stay here! ✌🏻

R xx

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