Welcome to Rosi Roams!

My name is Rosi, and I’m a thirty something solo female traveller with an OBSESSION with bucket lists. I originally decided to start this blog to keep track of the countries I visit, but it’s gradually grown into a way for me to document all of my bucket list items (found here, and honestly it’s probably a good place to start).

The List as it’s affectionately known throughout this blog is something I’ve been working through for the past 15 years (seriously, why did I think it was a good idea to watch the whole of the iMDb top 250?), and even though it’s taken up a lot of time already, it’s genuinely helped broaden my horizons, and given a little structure and clarity to this crazy thing we call life. I’m so looking forward to ticking off a few more list items this year (check the ‘In Progress‘ page to see what I’m currently working on!), and I’m excited to have you here along on the ride!

Want to know more about what I’ve already done, and where I’ve been on this big blue planet? Use the ‘Where I’ve Been‘ menu at the top of the page to navigate to specific continents! Want to read all my posts in chronological order? This page will be your best friend! Want to hit up my socials (lol, who do I think I am)? Click over here!

Enjoy your time here, and if you have any list suggestions, please drop me a message!