Music is a HUGE part of any trip for me. Not only does it get me excited about a trip, listening to the music of the country I’m visiting, but it can encompass so much about the country itself. I’m a huge music nerd (seriously), as well as a huge travel fan (obviously), so I’ve put together some Spotify playlists featuring artists from different continents. Play them, follow them for regular updates, learn about some new artists and bands, and enjoy them!

(Technical tip – if these embedded players don’t work in your browser, try clicking on the green Spotify logo within the player to open the playlist in a separate browser window)

Australasian Mix (featuring minimal Kylie)

Asian Mix (K- and J-Pop heavy!)

African Mix

British Mix (come on, I had to include one Britpop list on here!)

European Mix (featuring a range of different countries and styles. And ABBA, always)

North American Mix

South American Mix

Hope y’all enjoy listening to these, as much as I enjoyed putting them together!

R xx

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