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Subway Specials – New York

I hate the New York subway. There, I said it. It’s dirty, it’s confusing, and I don’t like the way the trains occasionally change lines for absolutely no reason (seriously, changing the F train randomly to the M train when I’m trying to get to JFK is not conducive for my stress levels!). That being said, once you get the hang of it it’s…dare … Read More Subway Specials – New York


Travel Music – A Roundup

Music is a HUGE part of any trip for me. Not only does it get me excited about a trip, listening to the music of the country I’m visiting, but it can encompass so much about the country itself. I’m a huge music nerd (seriously), as well as a huge travel fan (obviously), so I’ve put together some Spotify playlists featuring artists from different … Read More Travel Music – A Roundup


Solo Female Travel Essentials

In between regular travel posts (and some new website features coming 2017!), I thought it might be fun to do a few random posts about travelling, specifically solo as a woman. Travel has become more accessible than ever, and with the influx of apps and technology (including my favourite IoT!), it will likely get easier and easier to get away every so often. Add … Read More Solo Female Travel Essentials