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#70 – Drive on the Trans-Canada Highway

Hello world! It’s been a while. I apologise for my absence – life’s been mildly hectic/challenging over the past nine months, and I’ve had to take some steps away from things I love to do to concentrate on other things. However, your girl is well and truly BACK, and ready to get going on some adventures… and what better way to start than to … Read More #70 – Drive on the Trans-Canada Highway

America – April 2019

This post will be slightly later than usual, apologies for that. It’s also slightly different from the normal “off I go by myself to somewhere random” posts I appear to churn out on the regular, but nonetheless I hope it’ll be interesting/useful? Also, due to my poor memory and crap phone camera, I’m going to have to rely mostly on Google images for certain … Read More America – April 2019


Cuba – A Practical Post

So, you’re thinking of visiting Cuba, huh? The thought of sun-soaked beaches, salsa music on every street corner, and dirt-cheap mojitos appeals? I don’t blame you at all. I bloody loved the place. However. It is not your typical tourist destination, and therefore requires a little more planning or thought process before heading out. Things like internet are not readily available, money is a … Read More Cuba – A Practical Post

Havana, Cuba – September 2018

1988. Calgary’s Winter Olympics happened in February, and the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul the same year. The UK’s pound note ceased production, and Prozac started production. Roger Rabbit, Die Hard, and Beetlejuice all came out. These, um, items, were considered fashionable: And yours truly was born. Making me 30 this year. And what did I do for it? Why, spent it in … Read More Havana, Cuba – September 2018


Subway Specials – New York

I hate the New York subway. There, I said it. It’s dirty, it’s confusing, and I don’t like the way the trains occasionally change lines for absolutely no reason (seriously, changing the F train randomly to the M train when I’m trying to get to JFK is not conducive for my stress levels!). That being said, once you get the hang of it it’s…dare … Read More Subway Specials – New York

New York – April 2018

I love New York. I love New York so much that I would easily move there. Easily. So when the opportunity arises to visit, I naturally have to take it – and such an opportunity came about for a mid-April trip! I jetted out on Saturday 21st April from Heathrow with Virgin (side note – ever since the introduction of Economy Delight/Classic/Light, I’ve always … Read More New York – April 2018


West Coast, USA – April/May 2017

Here it is y’all, what you’ve all been waiting for – the write up of the mega, 3000 mile road trip I did by myself, around the west coast of America! It’s taken a while to sit down and write this – in all honesty because, over the past week, I’ve been at the mercy of the jetlag gods for possibly one of the … Read More West Coast, USA – April/May 2017


Washington DC – March 2016

I took a trip to Washington DC/Virginia in March 2016 for a break and to catch up with some dear friends of mine. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the town I stayed in over the week (Fredericksburg, VA) but this was the first time since I nannied where I drove around by my lonesome. Unfortunately because I only decided to start … Read More Washington DC – March 2016