In between regular travel posts (and some new website features coming 2017!), I thought it might be fun to do a few random posts about travelling, specifically solo as a woman. Travel has become more accessible than ever, and with the influx of apps and technology (including my favourite IoT!), it will likely get easier and easier to get away every so often. Add that to the rise of feminism and gender equality (although who knows how long that’ll last *cough* Trump *cough*), and you get more women travelling solo. Which is great!

If you’re the kind of traveller who likes to take everything up to and including the kitchen sink, like yours truly, then this post will act as a reminder of what to pack in your hand luggage. If you like to travel light, these are the things I would highly suggest you pack – everything else is relatively optional…

  • Currency. Duh. Namely the currency of your chosen destination and ‘generic’ currency such as Euros or US dollars that could be traded. Remember also to take a credit card just in case, although try and use this only in an emergency because of the bloody extortionate fees…




  • Deodorant/freshening-up wipes. Especially if you’re on long flights over multiple days and nights. Never underestimate the power of a clammy overpopulated aeroplane to make you feel less than fresh. You may also be in a bind in a hostel where the water pressure is hardly ideal… learn from my mistakes and thank me later!




  • A good book/iPod (old school)/iPad/some form of entertainment. Do not rely on the in-flight entertainment options. Trust me on this. PS don’t laugh at my iPod – 12 years old and still going strong!




  • Passport/Visas and travel documents/ID cards/health and travel insurance information. AKA the boring but essential bits. I know the iPad is more interesting but you kinda need some/all of the above to actually travel, so, y’know, remember them.




  • Medication, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, hand sanitizer (to prevent illness in the first place), feminine hygiene products tampons and pads, and stronger stuff if you need it. Because the last thing you want is to get sick when you’ve booked a fabulous, life-changing trip.




  • A clean, spare pair of underwear. Because, y’know.
  • A scarf or shawl, because you will no doubt get cold on the constantly air-conditioned flights (why, God? WHY). Also useful if you go to a more conservative country and need to quickly cover up shoulders etc.




  • A fake ring. This will be highly controversial, but hear me out. Until women can travel freely and not be harassed by men regardless of their marital status, a decoy wedding ring can really help you out. I obviously don’t agree with it but it’s helped stop harassment for me before when travelling alone. This is optional but recommended if you’re going to a more conservative country where you might get hounded for travelling by yourself/being unmarried (if you are).
  • Sunglasses. To look cool af while travelling in style, you sassy thing, you.
  • Plug adapters and chargers for obvious reasons. A USB stick or dongle can also be quite useful if you just can’t switch off from work.


Any other recommendations? Let me know!

R xx

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