So, nearly the end of 2016! I secretly love New Years and all it encompasses (the feeling of new beginnings, a potential better self through resolutions, a brand new year for me to get into debt through travel), and seeing as this year has been such a colossal shitshow, I’m looking forward to it even more. Especially since I made some pretty exciting travel plans for 2017 …

* Mid January: Milan, Italy. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve never been to Italy, so very much looking forward to this trip! It’ll only be a fleeting trip to gorge on pizza/culture/more complex carbohydrates, but still, EXCITED

* End of January: Belfast, Northern Ireland. For the day. Because why not?

* April/May: A two week road trip around the west coast of the States. CA, Mexico, AZ, NM, CO, WY, UT and NV. By myself. In a giant SUV. Partly excited and partly crapping myself about this one. If anyone has some good podcast recommendations, let me know!

* October: Tokyo, Japan. It’s booked. Sweet mother of Moses. I’m flying to Tokyo with a friend of mine (£520 return flights via Dubai with Emirates!) where we will go to fish markets, sing karaoke with old Japanese businessmen, and eat sushi until we pop.

Hopefully more to come, but I don’t think that’s too bad going considering I have a full time job and limited funds (oh hey house deposit!). What are your 2017 travel goals? Let me know!

R xx

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