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Welcome Back and an Update

Ah, New Year. 2022. Saying sayonara to the previous year and ringing in the new. I’ve always been a fan of New Years… not the Eve itself which is always a bit of a disappointment if you ask me, but the ‘new year new me’ ethos. The excitement of a fresh new start, the possibilities of the year ahead, the idea of a blank page … Read More Welcome Back and an Update


These Days

So, the world’s a bit weird now, huh? Gone are the days of me finding £20 flights to God-Knows-Where and flying on a whim. Gone are the days of planning elaborate multi-country/state trips and getting excited about them months in advance. Gone are the days of, well, venturing outside our front doors, really. I understand the importance of what we’re doing, of course I … Read More These Days

2017 – Travel Plans and Goals

So, nearly the end of 2016! I secretly love New Years and all it encompasses (the feeling of new beginnings, a potential better self through resolutions, a brand new year for me to get into debt through travel), and seeing as this year has been such a colossal shitshow, I’m looking forward to it even more. Especially since I made some pretty exciting travel … Read More 2017 – Travel Plans and Goals

Coming up next…

Hey Internet! In the last month or so, I’ve been busy with work, various other social engagements, and Barcelona (again, for work, although no complaints here!). However, I may or may not have booked a few more little trips here and there courtesy of Skyscanner, the girls of ‘Girls Love Travel’ on Facebook and an insatiable wanderlust and desire to see everything the world … Read More Coming up next…

Long time no travels

Well hello there! Despite my best efforts, 16 weeks combined of new job training and onboarding took its toll there for a second, and I wasn’t able to commit to any travelling. Which sucked. However, I have two new trips in the pipeline (currently planning the second) and am getting excited at the prospect of letting loose around the world once again! Even if … Read More Long time no travels