Hey Internet!

In the last month or so, I’ve been busy with work, various other social engagements, and Barcelona (again, for work, although no complaints here!). However, I may or may not have booked a few more little trips here and there courtesy of Skyscanner, the girls of ‘Girls Love Travel’ on Facebook and an insatiable wanderlust and desire to see everything the world has to offer. Deets below:

Warsaw, Poland

Off to Warsaw for a full 12 hours next weekend, where I fully intend on shopping the Christmas markets and taking advantage of the cold weather to sip on some kind of mulled alcohol. Another 24 hour adventure to tick off another country – but I’ll try and visit some tourist traps too. Any recommendations appreciated!

Milan, Italy

Another classic “Rosi finds cheap flights and decent accommodation in her lunchtime” scenario. I’ve shockingly never been to Italy, to the dismay of most people I know after they hear about my love for travel, so when I saw £25 return flights to the oh-so-fashionable Milan in January, I knew I had to go for it. I’ll have to go to Rome at some point to visit the Vatican (one more country!) but this will be a great introduction. I’m very much looking forward to scoffing unbelievable carbohydrates to celebrate the New Year and break all my resolutions in style.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’ve gone to all of the countries in the U.K. apart from NI, so £13 return flights in February have sorted that out. It’s bizarre to me how it’s cheaper to fly over oceans than it is to go to Bristol on the train from Reading, but until they sort out that clear pricing glitch, I’m obviously going to take advantage of it. Looking forward to exploring the city and hearing the beautifully melodic Northern Irish accent for 24 hours.

I’ve been tracking my travelling using a great app called Been (free on App Store) which tells me I’ve only been to 11% of the world and 38% of Europe… so next year’s plan is to get that up to 50% 😉 let’s see how that goes…


Update post Poland!


R xx

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