I get a hell of a lot of questions around how I manage to travel *so* cheaply. The cheapest return flight I’ve managed to grab was £18 return from London to Milan, but there have been plenty of bargains out there that I’ve managed to wangle. Indeed, I now work out where I’m going based on the trick below, and running my finger down the list to see where I’ve still yet to go! There is certainly an art to cheap travel, and fortunately for you, I’m about to get you started… the beauty of this trick is that it works with any airport in any country, so wherever you are in the world, check yo’self below:


Recipe for Cheap Flights
(Serves one intrepid solo traveller)

You will need:

  • An open mind
  • An open itinerary and date range (to get the most out of this trick)
  • Access to the internet


  1. First things first, I always check Skyscanner (https://www.skyscanner.net/) before anything else. In most cases, before I even have a destination in mind (see what I mean about needing an open mind?). So, step 1, go to Skyscanner.
  2. In the Flights tab, put in your departing airport. For me it’s usually “London (All)” -obviously, just put whichever airport is closest to you. In all honesty, if you need help with this step, maybe just put your computer or phone in the bin.
  3. In the ‘To’ field, write “Everywhere” and click on it.
  4. In the departure and return dates (either of them), go to “Whole Month” at the top, then click the button which says “Cheapest Month”.
  5. Check or uncheck the ‘direct flights’ box, depending on your preferences. You’ll obviously get more results by unchecking it, it just depends if it’ll be a massive faff for you to transfer airports and the like…
  6. Press ‘Go’.
  7. You should have a list similar to the below…



Now, two things here to note. Firstly, these are all return prices. Secondly, see the ‘from’ part? That’s important – these prices are not guaranteed, but give a good indication of what the prices have been in the past few days. You’ll only get a better idea of up-to-date prices by clicking on the place you’re thinking of going… so, let’s do that!

8) Let’s pretend that I want to go to Paris to eat loads of baguettes and drink wine and flirt outrageously with French men. Paris is in France (duh), so let’s click on the ‘France’ option – you’ll see all of the possible places to fly to in France, so let’s scroll until we find the ‘Paris’ option.



9) From £54 return? What a bargain! But wait, let’s double check this, as, like I said above, this is what it’s been in the past few days… is it still up to date?


Perfect! A weekend break in November for £54 return! Let’s show the flights…


10) So, here’s the fun part – you can see the huge range of flights available on the dates you wanted, and you can refine these using the times, airport, journey duration, and the airline to get exactly the right flight for you. It helps to be a little flexible with this too as often the weirder the time, the cheaper the flight!

Once you’ve found the right deal for you, click ‘select’ and go forth and buy after you’re redirected!

Send me a postcard from your holiday by way of a thank you 😉

R xx

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