Hi all,

Busy time of year for me at the moment, sorry fellow travelheads! However, I’ve still found time to plan a few more trips (natch) – please see below for updated 2017 itinerary 😉

  • Stockholm in August
  • Japan in October
  • Luxembourg in October
  • Barcelona in November (for work, but still…)

It’s my 29th birthday at the start of September, and I’ve already booked the day off… but, as it’s on a Friday this year, it would be rude not to take advantage of this and go somewhere, for the weekend right? So my question is, dear readers, where to go?

Reminder of where I’ve been…

Here’s the criteria…

  • Cheap
  • Under 4 hours’ flying time from the UK (ideally)
  • Somewhere I haven’t been before


R x

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