Question: What do you do when you’re home alone and bored on a Saturday night?

Do you:

A) Set up a Netflix binge-a-thon?

B) Do a heck-load of washing?

C) Decide to go to Luxembourg for the day?

If you’re anything like me, C) seems like the most logical option. So there you have it – I went to Luxembourg yesterday for the day. As you do.

Those who are regular readers of my blog/know me well in real life will know that this kind of behaviour is nothing new (see also: a day trip to Poland, and a long weekend in Tokyo) – I see cheap flights and I’ll go somewhere, regardless of the length of time. Mr Roams likes to pretend that they’re not “real” trips if you don’t stay overnight, but I’m of the opinion that a day can be sufficient to soak up the essence of a destination, especially if that destination is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

£70 return and £10 parking later, I was on a plane to Luxembourg at 8.30am on Sunday morning.

Luxembourg has been on my list for a while – not only is it one of the smallest countries in Europe, but despite its size it seems to be a real hub for commerce, banking and politics. With a 50 minute flight time, excellent transport links (getting the bus to the city centre cost €2 one way and took around 30 minutes), and a compact city size, I hopped off the bus, and… immediately went in search of coffee.

19 Avenue de la Liberté

19 Avenue de la Liberté

Gare Centrale

Central train station of Luxembourg City


I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t the smartest choosing to visit on a Sunday, as a lot of shops were closed (they don’t follow our gaudy Western European capitalist ways) and restaurants were few and far between. However, I stumbled onto a sushi restaurant (Sushi Lovers, 35 Avenue de la Liberte, Luxembourg City) which was bustling (always a good sign), and, after some miscommunication because of my terrible French, I was given a bowl of rice with some sashimi fanned out on top.


Sashimi + rice = yummerz

I then did a bit of a wonder, forgot to take any pictures, and stopped for a coffee (I never said it was a busy trip)…



One of the great tragedies of the trip – a closed Sephora

The best bit about any European trip, for me at least, is sitting in the inevitable market square, watching the world go by, and sipping an ice-cool Coca-Cola Light whilst choking on second-hand smoke. So that’s what I did next, armed with my Kindle and free Luxembourgish wi-fi:

IMG_8309 - Copy

I didn’t venture too far around the city, but managed to see some very pretty parks, and impressive buildings too.

All-in-all, I can’t say I’d recommend Luxembourg as a place to visit, especially not on a Sunday when there is very little to actually do, but for a day trip, I’d say it was worth it. It was somewhere new, I lucked out and got beautiful weather, and the city itself was relatively cheap and very easy to get to. Plus I got brownie points with the madeleines I brought back for my colleagues 😉

Next trip coming up… which weird one-day destination will I choose next?!

R xx

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